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Peoria Packing Ltd., owns and operates federally inspected and HAACP approved pork slaughtering and processing facilities. Our facilities are large enough to slaughter and process multiple loads daily and small enough to fabricate customer's special requests. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our flexibility has led us from a local to a global specialty processor supplying the Caribbean, Asia, North America, Eastern Europe and South America.

Our products are sold directly to distributors, independent supermarkets, supermarket chains, sausage manufacturers and further processors. We own and operate a fleet of refrigerated trucks allowing us to deliver our products in a controlled environment assuring quality. Peoria Packing has also contracted with other refrigerated carriers allowing us to distribute our products throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.


What our customers say

Perfect place to go before a summer BBQ. The meat is literally fresh off the butcher block, the prices are unbelievable and the variety of meat is outstanding.
Monique B. Chicago, IL

I live in the suburbs and this is the place I go for meat. Love this place! Where do I start? Steaks, chicken, pork selections are awesome.
Alice K. Hinsdale, IL

Their prices and quality are AMAZING! I don't know why you'd buy meat anywhere else. 
Kirsten A. Chicago, IL

Get your gloves on, you're picking your own wholesale cuts of meat. Great prices, large cuts. Perfect for your party planning needs.
Brian N. Portland, OR

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